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Becca Wohlwend

Yoga is unity and connection with our body, mind, breath, and spirit. It's a place of inner stillness that we can use as a tool to access our true selves.


My goal when I am teaching is for my class to feel welcomed, invited, and connected with themselves and one another.


My favorite thing about yoga is the paradox, irony, and story that lies within our practice; we create heat to find stillness, movement to connect to our breath, and so on. My practice always reveals a direct correlation between my inner and outer worlds.


When I’m not on my mat, you can find me spending time with my three little girls and my husband, hopefully outdoors, or nose deep in a good book!


Alyssa Gordon


Jamie Kemp

To me, yoga is... a daily practice of intention, balance and serenity.


My goal when I am teaching is...  to empower and equip others to live a healthy, mindful-life.


My favorite thing about yoga is... the beautiful harmony and positivity fostered within the yoga community.  I love learning more about different traditions and collaborating with like-minded people.


When I’m not on my mat, you can find me... spending time with my husband and two children, ideally in nature. 😊



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