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Yoga Class Descriptions

All Levels Flow
A vinyasa style flow class that is accessible to people of varying yoga levels. A basic understanding of yoga poses is helpful for this class. 

Intermediate Flow
A step up from our All Levels Flow. Intermediate Flow is a swift practice that incorporates some more challenging poses. Great for those who are comfortable with All Levels Flow and looking to take their practice a step further! 

Slow Flow
A vinyasa style class that moves at a slower pace, but slow doesn’t necessarily mean easier! You will be holding poses for longer periods of time than you do in a typical All Levels Flow class. This is a great option for those who are newer to yoga, prefer to have more time spent in each pose, or are looking for a way to switch up their practice from a standard flow. 

Yoga & Massage
An all levels vinyasa style class with additional time spent during the warm up and cool down. During these times, the instructor will be offering a gentle massage to areas such as hands, arms, neck, and feet to aid in deeper relaxation. 

Slow Flow & Meditation
Just like our regular slow flow class, but this one ends with a 10-15 minute guided meditation in a candlelit room. 

Kids Yoga
a Class geared towards children ages 6-12. Children will learn breathing techniques and have an opportunity to practice mindfulness and body awareness through the use of yoga poses, stories, and play. This is a fun and engaging way to introduce your child to the many benefits of yoga.

Yogi & You- Walkers and Kids
A beautiful and fun bonding experience for children and their adult companion! This is a relaxed, enjoyable class in which children and their caregiver will go through a yoga practice together. Learn fun and creative ways on how to include your child in your yoga practice, as well as how to encourage mindfulness and relaxing breathing techniques with your family! We offer a class for walkers-age 2, and a separate class for children ages 2-5.

*Please note that each booking covers one adult and one child. If you would like to book for more than one child, please contact the studio.*

Yin & Flow
If you're looking for a balance between energizing the body and deep stretching, then Yin & Flow is the class for you! It slows everything down in an unheated room. It is a balanced practice of both the Flow (action), which creates heat in the body, and Yin (stillness), which focuses on deep stretching of the muscles in order to release the connective tissue and fascia surrounding your muscles. Yin & Flow energizes the body, mind and heart, leaving you feeling strong, stretched and relaxed by the end of the class.


A class that utilizes bolsters, blankets, and other props to guide you into relaxing, passive poses and stretches. You hold these poses for extended periods of time to allow the muscles to fully relax into the pose as you focus on working the breath. 

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